You, the Urban Project!

30 July 2020

You, the Urban Project!

You, the Urban Project!
You, fashion lover;

You, who seek the irreverence imbued with quality;
You, who do not seek judgments;
You, who trust in us;
You, who are Urban Project, are family, are community, are partner, are collaborator;
This blog is for you!

It is the beginning of a new digital experience for Urban Project! A new project entails a series of responsibilities, namely the creation of the best shopping experiences for our customers and the community.
We want to create unforgettable memories and make a difference, in an increasingly saturated digital universe!
Urban Project is a multi-brand clothing, footwear and accessories company. The company is governed by its own principles, in which the customer is the driving force of the entire business.
We are present in 5 physical stores (soon to be 7) and digital, creating a unique synergy between both worlds and a balance of wills, because our customers are you, without masks, ethnicities or social classes.

And what can you expect from the new Urban Project blog?

Above all, credible, objective and accurate information!
We will be a style guide, a source of information as far as the fashion industry is concerned, a source of news whose flow of knowledge is addressed to our most loyal followers.
Our world will be your world. You will have access to articles about hobbies taking place on our website and social networks, momentary and seasonal campaigns, new collections and exclusive capsules of the company, articles in outlet, the best lookbooks, information about our physical stores and even getting to know a little bit about internal operation of the company!
Your will will be our motto! And because we follow a democratic code of conduct, you will be entitled to an answer and / or comment.
We want to hear what you have to say, receive your suggestions and give voice to your ideas. You will be able to share the content with your friends, family or co-workers through the main social networks.

We are counting on you on this new journey! It is part of our journey!
To you, who are Urban Project, a thank you!


Nelson Barbosa

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